Let’s Start With the Good News, Shall We?

I wrote that headline and had to pause for a moment, as my usual inclination at the mention of “good news” is to remember this, the best news I know: that while I was yet a sinner, Christ died for me. I hope this thought inspires a moment of reverential contemplation for you, too.

But on to the other good news! After 4 straight months of meetings, phone calls, and prayer, a providential encounter at a local pilot’s association luncheon has turned into a dream job for this eager, young, full time A&P student. I’m interning for the maintenance division of an international flight training company, and I could not be more ecstatic about it. I’ve been there for about a week now, and though the daily ins and outs of the job are not particularly stimulating, I cannot help but occasionally tip back in my chair, look around at where I finally am, and smile.

It’s a job in my chosen field, with flexible hours and good pay, it requires almost no supervision, and it’s in an environment replete with educational resources and networking opportunities. Networking opportunities from other countries, even! It’s perfect. Just perfect.

Now, let’s see just how long my car can survive the 50 mile round trip…

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